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Jet Tags

Jet Tags

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We have 16 different anime themed jet tags! Only one has different designs on each side, the rest are identical! These are brand new, updated designs and quality from what we had before!

For characters/designs we have:

Yelan - Genshin Impact

Priestess - Goblin Slayer

Ariane - Skeleton Knight in Another World

Power (Double Sided) - Chainsaw Man 

Cow Girl - Goblin Slayer

Casca - Berserk

Sword Maiden - Goblin Slayer

Succubus Marin - My Dress-up Darling

Pervert 1.0 - Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Bikini Marin - My Dress-up Darling

Inosuke - Demon Slayer

Ainz/Momon - Overlord

Bikini Nagatoro - Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

Himeno - Chainsaw Man

Pervert 2.0 - CSM, Goblin Slayer, Slime 300

Oppai - Highschool DxD


Size: 30mmx150mm

Style: Sublimation Jet Tag

Keyring Included!!

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